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The Dallas Cowboys certainly will not let Adrian Peterson as Iraq gathered Elliot, as a substitute, but one thing wholesale authentic nfl jerseys is for sure the team tried to trade another running back. It is reported that his former occupation cowboy away bowl running back Alfred Maurice, due to Elliot, Maurice could not get more playing time, and his last year’s earnings of $1 million 200 thousand.

Maurice is a 2012 sixth round by the Washington Redskins selected his first three season every season nfl jerseys cheap finished to punch the ball over a thousand yards.But Maurice in the 2014 season the Redskins were not given enough chances to $3 million 500 thousand 2 years after he joined the Cowboys but not before and his three season compared to last season, he finished only 243 yards.

Because of the cheap price, I believe there will be a lot of teams for the two selected occupation bowl running back interest, but he is only 50 times the ball 5 season may have some influence on him.


The New Orleans saints wide receiver Blanding Cousteau as early as December last year to wholesale authentic nfl jerseys become the protagonist of trade rumors. Three months later, the rumors were on the run. NFL official website reporter Ian reported Thursday at the team to cousteau. ESPN reported that the Tennessee Titans and Philadelphia hawks are considered for him to the home of the.

Russell Wilson reported in December that “Cousteau resent its offensive role in group, which makes some people guess the saints offensive group is most suitable for his talent, study the problem of nfl jerseys cheap saints in the offseason will.” When asked about the Kukes deal, the saints coach Sean – Payton said Kukes is valuable for the saints, but for the trade rumors Payton did not give a clear answer, he said that if they would be willing to listen to offers to the team.

Kukes has a period of time for their chances in attack group reduce dissatisfaction in the last season, but he still finished 78 catches for 1173 yards and 8 touchdowns, catching 2015 times only 6 times less than the season. The number of times he passes from quarterback to 129 in 2015 down to 117, but the saints in took over the position of many wholesale authentic nfl jerseys outstanding players. Michael Thomas in his rookie season and showed amazing talent, and Wiley also excelled in disney. The cooks traded to take risk it is difficult to find alternatives, but certainly the saints can return a high draft pick.

As for the Titans and the eagles, their interests are very reasonable for cousteau. Cooks can immediately attack into the group and become the number one wide receiver. Kukes is a good deal for a team that has proved to be an outside nfl jerseys cheap player rather than a rookie who needs time to develop.