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San Francisco 49 for the best performance of their career to take over the number one outside wholesale authentic nfl jerseys the new contract. The 49 announced Jeremy Cole has agreed to a contract with the team for 3 years. The contract is worth $10 million 500 thousand. In the play for the New York jets after the 5 season, Cole in 2016 to join the Detroit lions, but he was a lion just spent training camp will be traded to 49 people.

In the absence of the 49 men took over, Cole became the most reliable pass target. Last season he finished 64 ball 667 yards and 3 touchdowns. The ball to him 115 times, ranked second in the Quinton – Parton 52 times.As the team’s top
cheap nfl authentic jerseys catcher and chief punt returner, Cole is of course in the 49 people live comfortably. He used to say that when 49 people play, it makes him feel at home.

In the squad will have to start rebuilding after the quarterback and coach Kell Shanahan, and general manager Randy Moss to retain the key attack a few players. They kept Cole in front of the free agent market.

Dezhou Agricultural University from the defensive side of the front – Meyers – this year’s draft draft is the most popular candidate, he believes he deserves such an evaluation. If there is anyone out thereĀ wholesale authentic nfl jerseys who still doubts this, the amazing athleticism passing hand said he expected to impact on Saturday at the end of the NFL test camp address these concerns. “I felt like I was the best player in the draft,” said Gareth. “I feel like I can prove it today and tomorrow.”

Since a season since he has been a star player, when he made 11.5 sacks and soon to be considered for future NFL star. He is in the whole of the 2016 season of injuries, some scouts think he didn’t try hard enough, but we all agreed that he would become an elite defensive player in the NFL. Gareth said he will not be obsessed cheap nfl authentic jerseys with possible champion title. “It shows that I am the best player, at least from the start,” he said. “… once I entered the NFL, I’m not obsessed with this name. I have to grow.”

The offseason so far is the only negative news Garrett he took a video to the Dallas Cowboys can pick him up trading. That had the first pick of the Cleveland Brown fans were unhappy, but Gareth said he intended to test in the camp and Brown officials met to apologize. During the draft and now, Gareth said that he could do his thingĀ wholesale authentic nfl jerseys in the test draft camp made during dominant performance and no longer make any “crazy video.”