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NFL今日离别大戏 曾经第一跑卫与角卫均遭裁

The Minnesota Vikings today announced to give up on own ace superstar Adrian Peterson used its last year of $18 million contract options. Adrian Peterson in March 9th will become completely wholesale authentic nfl jerseys unrestricted free agent into the free agent market, thus Adrian Peterson and Viking 10 years to break and at this time, and the news so many Vikings fans cried, but so many teams have to move the mind.

Odell Beckham in 2015 with the Minnesota Vikings reconstruction contract, he will usher in the additional option contract in 2017, while the Vikings and Peterson perform the option to cheap nfl authentic jerseys choose whether or not. This contract option will probably pay Peterson $6 million signing bonus, but it depends on the third day of the new season, Peterson is still in the Viking squad. Apparently, the Vikings do not wish to take the risk of using large cap space to keep the two big players have hurt. After all, $18 million for the Taobao Vikings can slowly.

Of course, the Vikings and Peterson and no affinity may continue, because the Vikings can completely re from the free agent market to sign Peterson. But between the Vikings and Peterson wholesale authentic nfl jerseys failed to reach a consensus regarding the contract renewal, apparently Peterson in the Viking ten years will probably be sealed, but the future for the Vikings or Peterson is not sure.

“The ten years in Minnesota are the best in my life, and they know, of course, how many legends I have brought to. Over the past week, I have been the general manager Rick Spielman, communication, team door is always open, I understand in the offseason cheap nfl authentic jerseys the team preferred to attack players renew ideas.” “At this time, I will listen to God’s instructions to find my other choice. My belief is consistent, as I thought in Minnesota: winning a championship in a great team.” Peterson said his farewell declaration.

After this has been plagued by injuries to Peterson in 2011, in 2012 to 2097 yards of epic records won the MVP time; he is not like the reimbursement in the 2014 season, he took the ball 1485 yards to undershoot Mawang period. You know before this year Peterson reimbursement only 2.9 yards rushing yards, and he kept 5 yards rushing average number nearly half less. Peterson has entered the “old age”, and no one will use the $10 million contract to pay for it.Of course, Peterson said the Seahawks giants of the coveted. Peterson does not rulewholesale authentic nfl jerseys out the title to the ultra low price to climb the Patriots thigh.