Book holiday villa – HomeAway coupon code

HomeAway coupon code, this platform allows you to rent your home (or other unused homes) as a holiday property, and today announced that it has purchased Glad to Have You (Glad), an enterprise rental management company.

Glad’s mobile app offers a simple way for vacation rental companies, hotels and resorts to communicate and track guests during their stay. It is a pleasure to provide all the necessary information and local conference recommendation services to enhance their experience before check-in. And let them leave feedback on the leased property. The acquisition will make sense for HomeAway coupon code because it will be very useful for many clients who own their homes as vacation rentals.

HomeAway coupon code said it plans to provide Glad’s GladOwners mobile app free of charge to property managers and owners using their platform rental space. However, users who want to access the GladProfessional version will have to pay for it. For additional fees, features provided by professional applications, such as the ability to provide push notifications and requests for maintenance to guests. Property managers can also get customer analysis, integration with existing software systems, and options for adding custom brands to the application interface.

“The team has created a bright spring days has received rave reviews from suppliers and visitors to high-quality products, and we expect it to be by a higher level of hospitality and professional, to our existing mobile product suite HomeAway coupon code customer experience a significant impact,” the CEO and founder of Brian Sharples HomeAway said in a statement.

HomeAway is a NASDAQ listed companies, the world’s largest online vacation rental market, Europe is a major expansion of the acquisition of Toprural, the website can let people search and booking in small towns or rural destinations across the Southern Rural independent accommodation. The main feature is the B & B and vacation rental, coreĀ HomeAway coupon code inventory. At the end of last year, Toprural had about 11600 free listing of 29900 paid listings in France, Spain, Italy and portugal.To this end, HomeAway’s Web site (they also own lists more than 640 thousand paid vacation homes across 168 countries. Available rural accommodations from Tuscany, Italy farms to farms in Mallorca, spain.