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The Seahawks general manager John Schneider said that he is indeed difficult to find good attacking players, but it is not just cheap nfl jerseys china wholesale 
a problem in Seattle, is a difficult problem in football. Schneider said he and all levels of football coaches have been talking, and these people are said to find both physical and power line of people is very difficult, let alone have this meaning.

“We go to university and many different styles of coach talked, but they are hard to find good offensive players.” Schneider said, “everyone wants to play quarterback, running back and defensive line, this is the status of football culture. Most people don’t want to “become the best high school football offensive players’, they just want to sack the quarterback.” Schneider said the draft cheap nfl authentic jerseys fall last year came to Seattle, George venter. Both played basketball in high school and college, now is the NFL players.

“We look at it, George Venter came last year. God bless him. He was playing basketball at the University, to attempt to stop Robert Quin – NFL! Well, good luck.” Schneider said. Schneider also cheap nfl jerseys china wholesale talked about NFL should tap more talent. “It’s hard. We don’t have a European zone or a development alliance.” The Seattle Seahawks had to continue to find a big interdiction capabilities, wish them luck.


Last season, in the first eight years before the end of the defensive side of the ball – Chris – Lang career for the first time to taste the playoffs, but also lucky to harvest Super Bowl knot. While staying in the patriots would cheap nfl authentic jerseys have made the chances of the playoffs even bigger, he didn’t want to. He expressed his gratitude to patriot fans on Wednesday and explained why he decided to leave the new England on.

“Thank you Cam Newton. You have given me a lot of encouragement and I have to give you an explanation for the free market.” Lang wrote, “this year the opportunity to give me too much. I have a lot of good friends in the locker room, but also tasted the taste of champions. B coach (GOAT) is willing to give me a chance to play I am very grateful. It has nothing to do with money. I want to do this, because I want to get back to playing. I assume the role of cheap nfl jerseys china wholesale this year but as a competitor, indebted forever, I still want to do the best. I must express my gratitude to you. You may not remember me, but I will always remember you!”

Lang played a lot in the regular season, but the playoffs became a player, his words also indicate that he wants to become cheap nfl authentic jerseys a defensive front line more important role.