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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the free agent market before opening a ball impact hand lock. Pirates on Monday cheap nfl jerseys china wholesale announced the defensive side William – Gore Houstton and the team for 5 years, the contract value of $27 million 500 thousand, and may also be able to get $9 million bonus for he.

Gore Houstton, who was selected in the fourth round of the 2013 draft, was impressive nfl jerseys cheap throughout his career and was especially good at running. He participated in 14 games last season made 49 tackles, 3 sacks, 9 tackles resulted in a loss of 6 yards, and forced 1 barrier to punch the ball off the ball. Because he dislocated elbow missed the last 2 games of the season, but he does not need surgical treatment.

The pirates defense group are making progress, keep Rob Gronkowski is offseason priorities. Gore Houstton’s team can let the performance of the stability cheap nfl jerseys china wholesale of the defensive side combination of Pirates remain unchanged. Gore Houstton can play multiple positions, which makes pirates can flexibly configure defensive attack.

The pirates’ defensive team performed well in the late last season, and Gore Houstton could keep them going. However, in this year’s draft has a lot of excellent pass shock, do not rule nfl jerseys cheap out the possibility of a rookie selection of Pirates hit the ball.

Chad greenway will end his 11 year NFL career. The Minnesota Vikings announced on Monday that the veteran linebacker will hold a news conference on Tuesday to announce his retirement. Dedicated to the Greenwich career Vikings, he ranked fourth in team history to hold the 1334 escapement. In 156 career games, he made a total of 18 sacks during cheap nfl jerseys china wholesale the regular season, 32 steals and 11 pass break.

For a long time to become the Vikings defensive team Dinghaishenzhen Greenwich was selected in the 2006 draft after the first round, he twice elected occupation bowl, three degrees to become the team’s defensive MVP group. Greenway on the sidelines nfl jerseys cheap for the fans to do the work of the group also received a lot of praise. He set up a foundation to provide more education and health care for children and families in need.

Since the end of last season, Greenway is considering retirement issue, he was very likely to become a free agent, but he said he did not intend cheap nfl jerseys china wholesale for any team except the Vikings outside force.

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San Francisco 49 for the best performance of their career to take over the number one outside wholesale authentic nfl jerseys the new contract. The 49 announced Jeremy Cole has agreed to a contract with the team for 3 years. The contract is worth $10 million 500 thousand. In the play for the New York jets after the 5 season, Cole in 2016 to join the Detroit lions, but he was a lion just spent training camp will be traded to 49 people.

In the absence of the 49 men took over, Cole became the most reliable pass target. Last season he finished 64 ball 667 yards and 3 touchdowns. The ball to him 115 times, ranked second in the Quinton – Parton 52 times.As the team’s top
cheap nfl authentic jerseys catcher and chief punt returner, Cole is of course in the 49 people live comfortably. He used to say that when 49 people play, it makes him feel at home.

In the squad will have to start rebuilding after the quarterback and coach Kell Shanahan, and general manager Randy Moss to retain the key attack a few players. They kept Cole in front of the free agent market.

Dezhou Agricultural University from the defensive side of the front – Meyers – this year’s draft draft is the most popular candidate, he believes he deserves such an evaluation. If there is anyone out there wholesale authentic nfl jerseys who still doubts this, the amazing athleticism passing hand said he expected to impact on Saturday at the end of the NFL test camp address these concerns. “I felt like I was the best player in the draft,” said Gareth. “I feel like I can prove it today and tomorrow.”

Since a season since he has been a star player, when he made 11.5 sacks and soon to be considered for future NFL star. He is in the whole of the 2016 season of injuries, some scouts think he didn’t try hard enough, but we all agreed that he would become an elite defensive player in the NFL. Gareth said he will not be obsessed cheap nfl authentic jerseys with possible champion title. “It shows that I am the best player, at least from the start,” he said. “… once I entered the NFL, I’m not obsessed with this name. I have to grow.”

The offseason so far is the only negative news Garrett he took a video to the Dallas Cowboys can pick him up trading. That had the first pick of the Cleveland Brown fans were unhappy, but Gareth said he intended to test in the camp and Brown officials met to apologize. During the draft and now, Gareth said that he could do his thing wholesale authentic nfl jerseys in the test draft camp made during dominant performance and no longer make any “crazy video.”

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The Dallas Cowboys certainly will not let Adrian Peterson as Iraq gathered Elliot, as a substitute, but one thing wholesale authentic nfl jerseys is for sure the team tried to trade another running back. It is reported that his former occupation cowboy away bowl running back Alfred Maurice, due to Elliot, Maurice could not get more playing time, and his last year’s earnings of $1 million 200 thousand.

Maurice is a 2012 sixth round by the Washington Redskins selected his first three season every season nfl jerseys cheap finished to punch the ball over a thousand yards.But Maurice in the 2014 season the Redskins were not given enough chances to $3 million 500 thousand 2 years after he joined the Cowboys but not before and his three season compared to last season, he finished only 243 yards.

Because of the cheap price, I believe there will be a lot of teams for the two selected occupation bowl running back interest, but he is only 50 times the ball 5 season may have some influence on him.


The New Orleans saints wide receiver Blanding Cousteau as early as December last year to wholesale authentic nfl jerseys become the protagonist of trade rumors. Three months later, the rumors were on the run. NFL official website reporter Ian reported Thursday at the team to cousteau. ESPN reported that the Tennessee Titans and Philadelphia hawks are considered for him to the home of the.

Russell Wilson reported in December that “Cousteau resent its offensive role in group, which makes some people guess the saints offensive group is most suitable for his talent, study the problem of nfl jerseys cheap saints in the offseason will.” When asked about the Kukes deal, the saints coach Sean – Payton said Kukes is valuable for the saints, but for the trade rumors Payton did not give a clear answer, he said that if they would be willing to listen to offers to the team.

Kukes has a period of time for their chances in attack group reduce dissatisfaction in the last season, but he still finished 78 catches for 1173 yards and 8 touchdowns, catching 2015 times only 6 times less than the season. The number of times he passes from quarterback to 129 in 2015 down to 117, but the saints in took over the position of many wholesale authentic nfl jerseys outstanding players. Michael Thomas in his rookie season and showed amazing talent, and Wiley also excelled in disney. The cooks traded to take risk it is difficult to find alternatives, but certainly the saints can return a high draft pick.

As for the Titans and the eagles, their interests are very reasonable for cousteau. Cooks can immediately attack into the group and become the number one wide receiver. Kukes is a good deal for a team that has proved to be an outside nfl jerseys cheap player rather than a rookie who needs time to develop.

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The Seahawks general manager John Schneider said that he is indeed difficult to find good attacking players, but it is not just cheap nfl jerseys china wholesale 
a problem in Seattle, is a difficult problem in football. Schneider said he and all levels of football coaches have been talking, and these people are said to find both physical and power line of people is very difficult, let alone have this meaning.

“We go to university and many different styles of coach talked, but they are hard to find good offensive players.” Schneider said, “everyone wants to play quarterback, running back and defensive line, this is the status of football culture. Most people don’t want to “become the best high school football offensive players’, they just want to sack the quarterback.” Schneider said the draft cheap nfl authentic jerseys fall last year came to Seattle, George venter. Both played basketball in high school and college, now is the NFL players.

“We look at it, George Venter came last year. God bless him. He was playing basketball at the University, to attempt to stop Robert Quin – NFL! Well, good luck.” Schneider said. Schneider also cheap nfl jerseys china wholesale talked about NFL should tap more talent. “It’s hard. We don’t have a European zone or a development alliance.” The Seattle Seahawks had to continue to find a big interdiction capabilities, wish them luck.


Last season, in the first eight years before the end of the defensive side of the ball – Chris – Lang career for the first time to taste the playoffs, but also lucky to harvest Super Bowl knot. While staying in the patriots would cheap nfl authentic jerseys have made the chances of the playoffs even bigger, he didn’t want to. He expressed his gratitude to patriot fans on Wednesday and explained why he decided to leave the new England on.

“Thank you Cam Newton. You have given me a lot of encouragement and I have to give you an explanation for the free market.” Lang wrote, “this year the opportunity to give me too much. I have a lot of good friends in the locker room, but also tasted the taste of champions. B coach (GOAT) is willing to give me a chance to play I am very grateful. It has nothing to do with money. I want to do this, because I want to get back to playing. I assume the role of cheap nfl jerseys china wholesale this year but as a competitor, indebted forever, I still want to do the best. I must express my gratitude to you. You may not remember me, but I will always remember you!”

Lang played a lot in the regular season, but the playoffs became a player, his words also indicate that he wants to become cheap nfl authentic jerseys a defensive front line more important role.

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NFL今日离别大戏 曾经第一跑卫与角卫均遭裁

The Minnesota Vikings today announced to give up on own ace superstar Adrian Peterson used its last year of $18 million contract options. Adrian Peterson in March 9th will become completely wholesale authentic nfl jerseys unrestricted free agent into the free agent market, thus Adrian Peterson and Viking 10 years to break and at this time, and the news so many Vikings fans cried, but so many teams have to move the mind.

Odell Beckham in 2015 with the Minnesota Vikings reconstruction contract, he will usher in the additional option contract in 2017, while the Vikings and Peterson perform the option to cheap nfl authentic jerseys choose whether or not. This contract option will probably pay Peterson $6 million signing bonus, but it depends on the third day of the new season, Peterson is still in the Viking squad. Apparently, the Vikings do not wish to take the risk of using large cap space to keep the two big players have hurt. After all, $18 million for the Taobao Vikings can slowly.

Of course, the Vikings and Peterson and no affinity may continue, because the Vikings can completely re from the free agent market to sign Peterson. But between the Vikings and Peterson wholesale authentic nfl jerseys failed to reach a consensus regarding the contract renewal, apparently Peterson in the Viking ten years will probably be sealed, but the future for the Vikings or Peterson is not sure.

“The ten years in Minnesota are the best in my life, and they know, of course, how many legends I have brought to. Over the past week, I have been the general manager Rick Spielman, communication, team door is always open, I understand in the offseason cheap nfl authentic jerseys the team preferred to attack players renew ideas.” “At this time, I will listen to God’s instructions to find my other choice. My belief is consistent, as I thought in Minnesota: winning a championship in a great team.” Peterson said his farewell declaration.

After this has been plagued by injuries to Peterson in 2011, in 2012 to 2097 yards of epic records won the MVP time; he is not like the reimbursement in the 2014 season, he took the ball 1485 yards to undershoot Mawang period. You know before this year Peterson reimbursement only 2.9 yards rushing yards, and he kept 5 yards rushing average number nearly half less. Peterson has entered the “old age”, and no one will use the $10 million contract to pay for it.Of course, Peterson said the Seahawks giants of the coveted. Peterson does not rulewholesale authentic nfl jerseys out the title to the ultra low price to climb the Patriots thigh.



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Losangeles lightning recently announced the news, the team with the greatest lightning history running back one Danian – completed the signing of Tomlinson, he will become a member of nfl jerseys cheap the management group. Tomlinson may eventually become the team’s chief executive officer, and this piece of public relations will not be ignored. Since the team moved to Losangeles, the negative news received too much, such as expensive fares, logo replacement, etc., all the news team is unfavorable.

While Tomlinson was in San Diego during the period of lightning is a national idol, let him join the team may be implied in the original team cheap nfl jerseys china wholesale to the San Diego fans an olive branch. It is not clear whether this will work, but these actions can be seen outside the world, because lightning wants to take root in Losangeles.

The Dallas cowboys and Toni Romo broke up just a matter of time. This will be Josh – McCain a chance? Dallas media reported Monday that the recent 37 year old cowboy quarterback “renewed interest,” Aaron Rodgers in Brown last summer, cowboys talked with him.McKoen is a native of Dezhou, the University of Southern Methodist University and Sam Houston State play, recently said he would like to play another season. Prescott’s rookie year offensive will no doubt nfl jerseys cheap be starting next season, but laid off after the Cowboys would Romo, trying to deepen the depth, although the renewal of Karen Moore is also possible, but the 27 year old players started just two games. McCain has many outstanding performance over the past few years, but the injury is really a big problem

Last season, NFL made an interesting change rule, opening the ball bottom, the offensive will be on the 25 yard line position began to attack, this change is to reduce the kickoff return execution. Also as a result of the alliance expected, the number of kickoff cheap nfl jerseys china wholesale return in decline, high-speed impact is also reduced. NFL League next season will continue this rule or even permanently maintain this rule.

When this rule has just been announced, there are a lot of people think it will play a negative role, because the team will use short play more, forcing the ball in the far distance score line position of landing forces teams to catch back attack, unexpected impact will increase. Fortunately, however, everything is moving in the direction of the alliance, which is only a recent alliance to help improve nfl jerseys cheap security and reduce the risk of concussion.

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The key players for the Kansas City Chiefs they rushed the ball into a lucrative contract. Chief and guard Lauren – 5 years of renewal of
cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the contract, the contract value of $41 million 250 thousand.

Duwel Neita Deef, who was drafted in the sixth round of the 2014 draft in the first round of the season, has not played since the rookie season in the past two seasons, starting the first 30 games. Jamal and Tom Brady, who grew up as an outstanding open – end player, have been able to cheap nfl nike jerseys take advantage of the chief ‘s attack in the wake of the injury to – injured by Spencer – Ware.

Duwel Neita Deef is one of the most interesting players in NFL. In addition to playing basketball, he was a medical student at Mcgill University in canada. He also had a two-year voyage with his family.The versatile cheap nfl jerseys free shipping player soon became one of the coach Andy Reid the players love. As a doctor, Duwel Neita Deef has a bright future. But at the same time, he is willing to continue to develop football in this regard.

Pittsburgh Steelers seriously to receiver Antonio Brown promised. The team general manager Kevin – Colbert insists the team wanted Brown to “the Steelers retired a few weeks later, the Steelers with Brown on Monday signed cheap nfl nike jerseys a new 5 year contract, which made him become the league’s highest paid receivers.

This contract is actually a 4 year $68 million contract, Brown will for the Steelers club until 2021. 28 year old Brown, the original contract expires in, he had a salary of only $4 million 710 thousand in 2017. An annual salary of $17 million easily exceeded the original Cincinnati tigers took over A.J. Green $15 million annual salary. But doubt whether Tom Brady will be in the first place to pay a high cheap nfl jerseys free shipping salary for a long time: Chicago bears took over the Geoffrey – is about to enter the free agent market, he had the opportunity to break the record.

Brown played well last season, with 106 receptions for second in the league, 1284 yards and 12 touchdowns. Since 2011, he has been in the number of passes, the catcher and receiving yards ranked first in the league, with 4 catches for over a hundred times the season tied Hall of fame wide receiver Malvin Harrison. As the cornerstone of the offensive team player, Brown will be in the future for a long time to stay in the steelers. The problem now is to be cheap nfl nike jerseys a privilege to run Steelers label Weile viand – Baer would like him.

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The Kansas City Chiefs on Friday announced the signing of wholesale nfl jerseys is running back fourth teams, Peeler over the past five months of the signing, but he is in the top three teams are nothing.

Peeler made his way to the saints list, but was cut off in the first week. At the end of September he signed with the Seahawks, played two games in late October was cut. In November 1st, he signed a contract with the jets, played 4 games, was abandoned in December 6th. This game, Peeler rushed 6 times cheap jerseys from china the ball for 18 yards, six receptions for 50 yards and 1 touchdowns (made 5 catches for 43 yards from the Seahawks — including 1 catches for 24 yards).

Injuries to Peeler is no longer the speed of the first round of the 2010 show. Signed in 2015 after the saints, the 36 time he rushed the ball made only 112 yards, 34 receptions for 239 yards. In August, Peeler will be 30 years old, if the Jamal – Charles does not leave the team, then he has the opportunity to wholesale nfl jerseys compete for the bench.

The body is five crown champion quarterback Brady number, and soon at the age of 40, he still has a fighting force. When he retires, his numbers are likely to be impressive. On this point, even Payton – Manning, Johnny – Unitas and Joe – Montana’s biggest cheap jerseys from china fans are difficult to refute. Aaron – Rodgers has always been one of GOAT’s strong competitors, but he is also a historic reversal of this amazing.

“I feel sorry for Matt (Ryan).” Rodgers said in an interview, “in the past few years we warm up, he is a great man. Last year, he had a MVP season performance, super bowl 28-3 lead is almost no suspense victory. So failure is frustrating.” “From the perspective of fans, the game is extremely fun, Tom once again showed wholesale nfl jerseys his great. Even if you don’t win the game, he is already GOAT, but he gave his own legend added a thick and heavy in colours.”

Even assuming that Rodgers led the packers to the super bowl, and won the championship, two Super Bowl rings, two times by the MVP honor, two super bowl MVP honor, a history of the most amazing cheap jerseys from china Super Bowl wins, will be some greater Brady results.